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The real danger of power lines is static electricity

Not radiation, but static electricity causes diseases and cancer along power lines
New science reveals that static electricity produced by power lines interferes with the human bioelectrical life process and thereby causing illnesses and cancer.Study links childhood cancer, power lines
Research has identified a harmful, but ignored energy that is emitted from high tension power lines. Not radiation is the culprit, but an energy known as Static Electricity. High tension power lines are prolific producers of positive ions, which are carried by wind into dwellings close by and cause nervous complaints and other diseases. Suffering diseases by living close to power lines is a known fact and radiation is wrongly blamed for it.

All over the world, people dispute high tension power lines. Some argue that electric radiation is to blame for diseases along overhead power lines. The electricity suppliers claim that radiation from power lines are not to blame for causing diseases. Research reveals that both parties are misguided in their views. Nor EMF or radiation is causing ailments along power lines, but Static Electricity.

High tension power lines release the same positive ion winds as Chinook and Foehn. Both are knowingly pestering peoples nervous system. Chinook in USA, or Foehn in the alps of Europe are strong dry and warm winds, which blow down from a mountain range. Such dry air masses are positive charged and feared by people with a sensitive nervous system. Exactly the same electrical positive ion load as carried by Chinook and Foehn, is released by power lines and also is the suffering the same. The only difference is that power lines are continuously releasing such ionic winds, and this can be lethal in some given circumstances.

How do overhead power lines produce positive ions? A high tension wire carries an alternating voltage. Between tension and current is all ways phase shift. As a result of this phase shift the surface of the wire 100 times per per second positive charged. (USA 120 times a second). This frequent short timed positive static charge on the surface of the wire milks electrons out of the surrounding air, whereby a positive ionic wind is produced. This ionic wind is made up of positive ions that are repelled from the wire. The static charge of the wire is only positive and never negative as assumed without making an experiment. Even the electrical power industry is unaware of such an electrostatic occurrence, which causes considerable loss of electrical energy.

Experiment: A three-phase system of 4,000 Volt was built and the following observations were made:
The negative probe of the multi-meter is connected to Earth. With the positive probe we keep distance from the livewires. With the positive probe we move now slowly towards one livewires. Each livewire shows a positive reading only, this means that a DC current, an electron flow towards the wire is taking place. The closer the positive probe is moved to the live wire, the stronger the electron flow towards the wire. Naturally, if the positive probe would touch one of the livewires, alternating current of the net would destroy the instrument. This experiment shows and confirms that power lines release a positive ionic wind.

Experiment: An auto car was placed under 400 000 Volt power line by low air moisture 10%. In a matter of minutes the vehicles body is positive charged with approximately 100 000 Volts DC. Experiments have shown that a persons in bed, in the proximity of power lines is continuously carrying a positive charge DC. Living without the Bioelectric Null is dangerous
A complex investigation of high tension power lines in relation with disease was published in the ASEA-ATOM Engineering Journal POWER (November 1987). However, the whole investigation was centered on electromagnetic radiation. Static electricity was completely overlooked. There was also a mention of a car that was charged when stationed near high tension power lines. However, the text makes out that this car is charged with alternating polarity. Wrong ! This was naturally an assumption and not a measured fact! In Peter Staheli's research the charge measured on any object, off earth, near power lines showed only a positive charge and nothing else!

The report also offered a Russian contribution. The Russian observance touched on the real problem and supports Peter Staheli's research. The Russian observance mentioned nervous disorders of people working on high tension installations. In 1972, a well published report from Russia stated, 'people working in high-voltage substations showed a number of symptoms mainly associated with fatigue'. Unfortunately, no one took the article serious enough to investigate what caused this so-called fatigue and nervous complaints.

Peter Staheli, a certified electrical engineer, planed and worked in High Voltage Installations and has first hand experience. He researched the conditions in high tension installations. The workmen wear well insulated footwear (rubber boots) to protect them from possible accidents. However, such footwear makes the workmen even more susceptible to positive electrostatic charge. Positive ion clouds are continuously produced by naked high voltage conductors. A multi-meter indicates that the workmen always carry a positive charge on their body. If any workman touches an earthed railing, a spark discharged the man. The the workmen in rubber boots never carry the bioelectric null and it is a fact that nervous complaints a suffered indicated by frequent headaches.

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